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Bonum Hotel Epidemiological Safety Policy 


Due to Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic we have taken measures to ensure safety of our Guests, and employees.

We monitor WHO, and Główny Ispektor Sanitarny (Main Sanitary Inspector of Poland) recommendations, to be up to date with our procedures which concern workplace hygiene, health protection and safety.

In everyday work we keep the highest standards of hygiene, and cleanliness.



  • Building intimacy (32 hotel rooms) cause no extensive direct interpersonal contact.
  • Each room has its own separate and individual air-conditioning system.
  • Every hotel room, and all other areas in the hotel are regularly disinfected and ozonated.
  • The hotel is accessible only to Guests, hotel employees, and suppliers (Access for incidentals is strictly forbidden).
  • At entrance to the hotel a contactless temperature measurement is performed by a trained staff member (equipped with gloves and mask. or visor). Hotel staff holds right to deny access to anyone with subfebrile condition, or other contagious disease symptoms, or to retry measurement later during the stay.
  • All employees are submitted to temperature measurement control (at arrival to workplace, and then every 4 hours). 
  • All who enter the building (Guests, suppliers, employees) are obliged to wash and disinfect hands directly after arrival.
  • Hotel staff is trained in execution of safety rules in case of health hazard occurrence.
  • Protective measures (masks, gloves) are available for purchase at the Reception.
  • In areas accessible to all guests (Lobby, restaurant, restrooms), there are disinfectans available for use.
  • We highly recommend washing hands regularly to all Guests, accordingly with instructions available in restrooms.
  • We encourage our Guests to remain cautious, and keep necessary distance in interpersonal interactions.
  • We heartly encourage our Guests, and Staff to replace handshake, by a smile.


  • We limit the time necessary for Guests to check-in at reception.
  • Only 1 Guest is allowed directly by the reception at check-in.
  • We have designated safe areas distanced by 2 meters in the lobby for other Guests to wait for check-in.
  • Reception staff is attending Guests in protective equipment (gloves, mask, visor).
  • We disinfect the front desk after each Guest being attended.
  • There is hand disinfectant available for Guests at the Reception – Guests are obliged to disinfect hands before filling the registration card.
  • After using a pen by a Guest – please put the pen down to the box at the front desk (pens are disinfected after each use).
  • We encourage to use cashless payments. The payment terminal used by Guests is covered, and disinfected after each use.
  • Invoices are being sent by e-mail


  • Room cleaning is only available at request- only in absence of Guests in the room.
  • Hotel rooms are ventilated at least 15 minutes after each stay. Then they are cleaned, disinfected and ozonated.
  • Hotel beddings are being washed in sanitary regime.
  • Accordingly with recommendation of GIS usage of blow dryers is prohibited after further notice.
  • Each hotel room is cleaned, and all the surfaces (like desk,sink, toilet, table, handles, switches, air-con remote, TV remote) are disinfected with professional means.
  • There is instruction of washing hands available (as recommended by GIS) in each hotel room.
  • All the staff of housekeeping department are equipped with masks, visors and one time gloves. After cleaning the room gloves are taken off, hands are disinfected, and with new clean gloves employee introduces clean towels, beddings etc. into the room.


  • Restaurant & Bar are cleaned, disinfected and ozonated on daily basis.
  • Restaurant is regularily ventilated.
  • At entrance to the restaurant hand disinfectant is available for use.
  • We have completely abolished buffet.
  • We kindly encourrage our guests to choose room service, or take away option. 
  • Waiters use masks and single-use hand gloves. After serving one Guest, waiter takes off the gloves, disinfects hands, and uses another gloves before serving another Guest.
  • The dishes are prepared by kitchen staff who wear single-use gloves, and masks.
  • Kitchen and its equipment is regularly washed, and disinfected up to date
  • All dishes are prepared in sterile conditions, accordingly to HACCP rules and GIS recommendations by a staff trained in safety rules.


  • Conference room is regularly ventilated
  • There are hand disinfectants available for use at the entrance to the conference room.
  • After each meeting conference room is cleaned, ozonated and ventilated.
  • After each meeting the conference room equipment (projector remote, AC remote, microphone) are disinfected.
  • Conference chairs are being set up at least 2 meters from each other.


  • In indoor public areas (including the reception, lobby, restrooms and by the lift) there are hand desinfectants available.
  • The indoor public areas are cleaned, ozonated and ventilated on daily basis.
  • In common restrooms there are instructions of hand washing available.
  • We disinfect handles, lift buttons, and common area handrails every hour
  • The lift is disinfected and ozonated every day.
  • Hotel public areas are cleaned by staff equipped with protective gear (masks, gloves) which is regurarly replaced.
  • We limit the quantity of persons staying in indoor public areas at once.
  • We adapt the rule of clean desk- we limit to the minimum the quantity of products available to Guests directly, and they are being distributed on request.





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