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Baltic herring onion jam smoked cottage cheese potato chips

160 g 20 PLN

Prawns butter sauce crouton

160 g 24 PLN


Lettuce mix roasted vegetables mozzarella cheese marinated onion rocket basil vinegrete

250 g 25 PLN

Lettuce mix romaine lettuce marinated trout capers smoked cottage cheese dried tomato

250 g 27 PLN


Chestnut creamy soup celery carrot

250 ml 19 PLN

Countryside soup matured sausage (spicy)

250 ml 15 PLN

Soup of the day

250 ml 12 PLN


Papardelle beef tomatoes chili

120/150g 30 PLN

Tagiatelle prawns ilive oil lemon garlic

120/120g 38 PLN

Pearly barley risotto forest mushrooms spinach blue cheese

120/150g 28 PLN

Fish dishes

Pikeperch fillet wild rice carrots broccoli

150/160 g 48 PLN

Cod loin broad beans butter sauce cornsalad

150/180 g 46 PLN

Meat dishes

Pork loin forest mushrooms parsley radicchio olive oil

160/200 g 38 PLN

Duck fillet courgette red cabbage raisins

160/220 g 45 PLN

Pork chop parmesan cheese potatoes egg lettuce

180/200 g 35 PLN


Meringue mascarpone mousse ice - cream fruits

180 g 18 PLN

Millet rafaello chocolate cherries

200 g 16 PLN

Chef’s pie

150 g 12 PLN


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